Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Club penguin is one of my favourite websites .its so cool. you first have to make an account and the you can be a free penguin and explore there world right now there theme is festival of flight which means as an experiment there making club penguin float and its turning out really my school i call myself club penguin queen because you cant by any thing in the shops if your not a member and I'm a member for 6 months my dad bot it for me for my birthday and there always like oh can i please have your password but they never get it SO PLEASE TRY OUT THE CLUB PENGUIN WEBSITE AT WWW. CLUB PENGUIN .COM ITS MUCH COOLER THEN I EXPLAINED THANK YOU !!!!

Monday, August 17, 2009


You might think these dolls are regaler dolls but no there special and I know because I have 2 of them. they are called American girl dolls there beautiful and always have cool hair and awesome clothing and they come with there own book about there life more about my dolls though one is named Samantha and the other is named Ella .there are three types of category's for them one is historical dolls its the ones that live in the past Samantha is an old one the picture at the top is her.the next category is girl of the year every year they make a new girl of the year and shes only there for one. year next category is just like you dolls there dolls that look like people and if you really like it i recommend you go to there website at www. americangirl .com its really fun theres games you can play and quiz's you can do you can send ecards and there mo-do is follow your inner star .by the way you cant get Samantha any more .

Sunday, August 16, 2009


A few weeks ago i made Popsicles and my parents didn't even know i was making them its really easy hears how you do it get a normal size ice tray and fill it up with water put a spoon full of sugar in each ice cube spot then put any type of juice in the ice cube spot put it in the freezer and take some Popsicle sticks and put them in them in the ice cube spot try to lean them against something because they will like to fall over


My mom is now obsessed with French Sheff Julia child and her French cooking. just A week ago we went all went to see the movie Julie and Julia and a few weeks ago she came home with some books for me and 2 books for her one was Julia child French Sheff cook book and the other one was Julie and Julia book based on the movie and today we made A apple pie and we blue up small balloons and melted some chocolate and glassed the small balloons in it and then we put it in the fridge to harden later on you pop the balloons and take the balloons out and you can put something in it because its like a cup


A build A bear just sounds cool but it is cool for the people who haven't experienced it yet this is what you do first you pick a body and its all flat with no stuffing in it and there is tons animals to pick from then you bring it over to the stuffing machine and A person attach's it to the stuffing pump and then you get to pump it in and it starts to inflate and then you have your stuffing animal but there is one more thing you have to do before your done your complete stuffy you must pick between a heart and a star to put inside your bear or other animal then you take it to the counter to pay for it and its yours now I was five when I made my cat build a bear so I'm not sure if they do this anymore but you would to say a pledge and then you could pay for your build a bear and then you can get cool outfits and hair things and i think the coolest thing is that when your stuffing it you can ask for a pumping heart which means that after your done you can press it and put to your ear and you can hear the sound of the beating heart I know all of this new stuff because one of my friends just recently got one just a little more about mine is that I got her in Quebec and her name Stephine

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

THAT POOL IS COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today I swam in my friend's pool. This pool is awesome. There's nothing that could make it better though it was a little on the cold side. My best friend's lip turned blue if you know what I mean. Now you might think that this pool would be better or even this one. But no. Their pool is the best one. THAT POOL IS COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!