Monday, August 17, 2009


You might think these dolls are regaler dolls but no there special and I know because I have 2 of them. they are called American girl dolls there beautiful and always have cool hair and awesome clothing and they come with there own book about there life more about my dolls though one is named Samantha and the other is named Ella .there are three types of category's for them one is historical dolls its the ones that live in the past Samantha is an old one the picture at the top is her.the next category is girl of the year every year they make a new girl of the year and shes only there for one. year next category is just like you dolls there dolls that look like people and if you really like it i recommend you go to there website at www. americangirl .com its really fun theres games you can play and quiz's you can do you can send ecards and there mo-do is follow your inner star .by the way you cant get Samantha any more .


  1. i have the Samantha doll & books...i was obsessed back when they came out. now i feel old!

  2. These dolls are very interesting. Thank you for sharing.