Sunday, August 16, 2009


A build A bear just sounds cool but it is cool for the people who haven't experienced it yet this is what you do first you pick a body and its all flat with no stuffing in it and there is tons animals to pick from then you bring it over to the stuffing machine and A person attach's it to the stuffing pump and then you get to pump it in and it starts to inflate and then you have your stuffing animal but there is one more thing you have to do before your done your complete stuffy you must pick between a heart and a star to put inside your bear or other animal then you take it to the counter to pay for it and its yours now I was five when I made my cat build a bear so I'm not sure if they do this anymore but you would to say a pledge and then you could pay for your build a bear and then you can get cool outfits and hair things and i think the coolest thing is that when your stuffing it you can ask for a pumping heart which means that after your done you can press it and put to your ear and you can hear the sound of the beating heart I know all of this new stuff because one of my friends just recently got one just a little more about mine is that I got her in Quebec and her name Stephine